Can I first receive my order and then pay for it?

– No.

Which payment methods do you accept?

– Bitcoin
– Wire Transfer
– Cash

Can I buy a miner in person without any advance payment?

– Yes, if we have miners available for sale.

I ordered for a miner, but something came up and I urgently needed money. Can I cancel the order and get my money back?

– According to the Refund Policy, we do not refund prepaid order. However, we all are humans and if you have a really good reason, then we can refund your money. The final decision is taken after reviewing your application.

My miner is being held at the customs, who should pay the customs duties?

– We do not pay for customs duties. Please ascertain your country’s customs fees.

I want to start mining but I have no where to place the mining hardware and no time to maintain it. How do I start mining?

– The most suitable option for you is cloud mining and hosting in our data center. You choose a pool by yourself and manage your account. We deduct only the cost of maintenance and electricity.

How can I be sure that your company is not a scam?

– You can check our company’s registration details over the Internet. Moreover, you can visit in person or send a representative to our offices in Hong Kong or Shenzhen. You can also meet with our representative in Moscow.

Why are you selling the miners and don’t mine yourself?

– We have an established mining farm. However, in order to achieve early growth and develop our technological base, we decided to sell our hardware. We believe in decentralization of Bitcoin and this is another reason why we are selling our miners.

Where is your company located?

– Our headquarters is located in Hong Kong.

How can I get information about your company’s news and new products?

– You can subscribe to our newsletter. We only send important updates and do not send meaningless messages with annoying reminders about ourselves. You can unsubscribe at any time.

What temperatures are safe for XBTec chips and hardware?

– The safe working temperature is 65 degrees Celsius.

What type of internet connection do I require for the miner?

– Our miners only require a stable wired ADSL connection with a recommended speed of at least 1 Mb/s.

Is the level of noise of the miner very important to me?

– Noise during operation depends on the model.